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Rules of VegeMight

The list below isn't necessarily all-encompassing, but should give you a good idea of what to expect:

(1) Ninja looting is an automatic removal from the guild without discussion. No 2nd chances

(2) Forum sign ups are mandatory if you wish to gain a rank higher than Recruit. Participation here even if only viewing is required.

(3) Recruits can go no more then 10 days without playing before being demoted to LostMight. If the person does not log in in the following 10 days, he will be removed from the guild. However, exceptions will be given to those that provide notice beforehand.

(4) Members can go no more then 20 days "without notice" until they are demoted to LostMight. If they do not log in within the following 10 days, they will be removed from guild.

(5) No Drama! People that thrive on conflict and cause problems will be warned once. If said person persists in causing problems they will be removed from the guild.

(6) We are looking for mature players who conduct themselves in a sensible and rational manner. We respect other people, guild members and ourselves. We do not use excessive profanity. Discriminatory comments are not accepted period. We do not make excessive unconstructive comments during instances. Exercise your discretion on the WoW forums, this also includes general and trade chats ingame, avoid being dragged into 'flame wars' and if you are making a possibly controversial post that does not reflect the views of the guild, don't make the post with a character from this guild. Any one found to be abusing this rule will be warned and asked to refrain.
No repeat warnings will be issued and the person will be removed from guild if they persist.

(7) Inviting a member:
If you have found a person who you think would be a positive addition to our guild please tell the person to post an application on the website.
(8) Problems with a member:
If your having an issue with a VegeMight please bring it to our attention so we can resolve the matter quickly.

(9) Leaving the Guild:
If you decide to leave VegeMight, please take the time to inform us and tell us why. Do not just up and leave. If no officers are available please leave a mesage on the boards or an ingame mail.

(10) No threats of any kind will be tolerated and you will be removed instantly.

(11) Begging is not tolerated, you will be removed from guild.

(12) No offensive sexist/racist comments in guild chat or general chat. Please be aware that what you do not find offensive may be to others and if they find what you have done/said offensive please respect them and stop.

(13) Anything that the GM and Officers deems inappropiate and not in the VegeMight spirit of the game that will effect the Vegemight guild and its members. The person will be warned and asked to stop. If the person has had previous warnings they will be removed from guild without warnings given.

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