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How Ranks Work

Ranks are as follows:-

Supreme Might - GM of the guild.

Council - Foundation member of vegmight.

Officer - Officer of the guild who are selected from the masters.

Raider - A member who has been selected and has agreed to the Rules and responsibilities of a RaiderMight.

Master - Longstanding member of the guild. Who has been helpful, agreeable and
a great example of what vegemight stands for.

Mega - A member who has reached the level of 80, been with us for a while, contributes to forums and guild events, and make the game more enjoyable by all

Pro - A member who has registered on the website and has contributed somehwhat on posts and ingame.

Recruit - A new member.

Officer alt - Alternative toon of an officer.

Alt - Alternative toon of member.

PenaltyBox - A member is placed here pending outcome of a deciplinary action.

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